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Flaxseed for heart, joint and brain health


Flaxseed is rich in Omega-3 for cardiovascular, joint and brain health benefits

Flaxseed is one of the world’s richest sources of Omega-3 Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA) fatty acids. Omega-3 is essential to cell membrane health. Yet, our bodies cannot make these fats so they must be added to our diets.

Omega-3 fats help make the hormones essential for regulating our cardiovascular health. These essential fatty acids have also been associated with helping play protective roles in cancer and other serious health conditions. Omega-3 found in flaxseed has been linked to helping control:
  • blood pressure
  • prevention of heart disease and strokes
  • lupus
  • elimination of toxins and repair of intestinal tract damage
  • inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema
  • Rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory joint conditions.

Omega-3 is good for our mental health too. This healthful unsaturated essential fat is needed to help regulate neurotransmitters that keep us mentally alert. It is also thought to protect the blood vessels in our brain and reduce inflammation, promoting neurogenesis - the growth of new neurons in the brain. With an ageing population and growing incidence of dementia, optimising brain health should be everyone’s priority.

Oily fish is the richest animal source of essential fatty acids. High levels of toxic chemicals such as mercury have been found to accumulate in the fish that ends up on our plates. Adding Waltanna Gold certified organic flaxseed oil to your diet will ensure you’re getting your daily recommended dosage of Omega-3, chemical and toxin free.

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Flaxseed for body builders and efficient muscle building


Flaxseed health benefits for body builders

Put simply, including flaxseed in a body builder’s diet is a natural way to gain good overall health benefits naturally, and build muscle efficiently.
Waltanna Gold Flaxseed Oil is a rich source of Omega-3 Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA). ALA has been associated with enhancing insulin sensitivity within muscle cells, along with all the health benefits already mentioned.

Insulin is needed to carry and direct glucose into our body’s cells. Some research has indicated that a diet including ALA will result in more glucose being attached to insulin and carried directly to lean tissue or muscle, not fat cells. The inclusion of ALA in a body builder’s diet is believed to be a more efficient way to ensure glucose is moved directly to muscle to build more lean muscle. As a result, flaxseed is a popular health food and oil of choice for body builders.

Results indicate the following benefits when flaxseed is added to a body builder’s diet:
  • Increased muscle growth due to the insulin sensitivity enhancing effect
  • Less glucose stored as fat as the glucose is directed to muscle tissue
  • Lowering of blood sugar promotes more efficient fat burning.

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Flaxseed for digestive health, weight management and blood sugar stability


Flaxseed for healthy intestinal, blood sugar and weight management benefits

Fibre is essential for good digestive health and optimum metabolism. Flaxseed is high in both soluble and insoluble fibre.

The benefits of fibre found in flaxseed include:

  • Heart protection through attaching to, and eliminating cholesterol particles
  • Blood sugar stability which is linked with diabetes protection
  • Helping with weight control by helping you feel full for longer
  • Preventing constipation by soaking up water as fibre passes through your body.

Flaxseed for lowering bad cholesterol


Flaxseed may help lower cholesterol thanks to lignan

Lignan is a natural plant chemical, a phytonutrient and type of phytoestrogen and antioxidant. Waltanna Gold flaxseed contains 70 to 800 times more lignan than most other natural plant sources.

Lignans have been linked to research indicating their role in:

  • Fighting disease, including cancer prevention – particularly breast, prostate and colon cancer
  • Reducing symptoms of menopause
  • Decreasing LDL – the bad cholesterol.

Source: US National Centre for Biotechnology Information > PubMed citation

Flaxseed for healthy animals – pets, livestock and commercial stock


Flaxseed health benefits translate to healthy animals too

As custodians of animals that we choose to take responsibility for - whether as pets, livestock, racing or commercial purposes - we have a responsibility to nourish them with a high quality diet that meets their energy and health needs.

Veterinarians and farmers are increasingly using flaxseed to keep their animals and livestock – particularly dogs and horses – healthy on the inside with shiny coats and trouble free skin reflecting good health.

Like humans, animals do not produce Omega-3 fatty acids and need to include essential fatty acids in their daily dietary intake.

The health benefits for flaxseed for animals – including horses and dogs - include:

  • Healthy skin and a shiny coat
  • Relief from dry skin conditions
  • Healthy muscular growth and development
  • Optimum digestive and bowel health
  • Faster recovery time after exercise
  • Relief from joint pain and inflammation
  • Promotion of healthy joints and muscles

Inconclusive but ongoing research has also indicated potential related benefits to the quality of animal produce of stock animals that are regularly fed good quality flaxseed. Some of the research has explored egg quality in poultry and fat marbling composition in beef cattle.

We’re confident in results that show that flaxseed is good for the health of animals. For example, we know that highly reputable veterinarians at many of Australia’s top horse training studs, recommend 300 millilitres of flaxseed oil per day. We’ve also seen increasing demand from premium pet food producers adding flaxseed oil as a healthful ingredient in dog food products.

We recommend you speak to your veterinarian about the benefits of including flaxseed oil in your animal’s diet.