Waltanna Farms’ History of Innovation

Innovation takes Australian grown flaxseed to the future

Our location right in the green triangle with scenic views to the Grampians near Hamilton in south-west Victoria flourishes thanks to receiving a healthy share of Australia’s rainfall. Sitting proud in this prime farming region, you’ll find the meticulous property that is Waltanna Farms.

The Nagorcka family has been innovating in cropping here since the 1880s, including earning a glowing reputation with global industry leaders, such as Ford and John Deere, for engineering of farm machinery.

Always looking ahead of opportunity, we projected into the future, identifying the value of chemical free Australian grown produce and products. Dedicating ourselves to the arduous and ongoing demands of organic farming, some of Waltanna Farms paddocks became certifiably organic in 1998, well before the market demand for organic produce grew.

After recognising the health food potential of flaxseed father and son, James and Michael Nagorcka, selected and bred Waltanna Gold - a highly sought after flaxseed well suited to Australian growing conditions.

Waltanna Gold flaxseed is the result of our lifelong commitment to innovation.

Waltanna Farms Today

Turning Australian grown flaxseed into superior health food products

Our customised processing capabilities are in high demand at Waltanna Farms. Turning out consistently superior health food products is the result of commitment, hard work and ongoing investment in research and development (R&D) applied from paddock to plate.
Starting from seed, our production system promotes soil health for healthy crop yields. In turn, the seed flourishes, as do those in the food chain that benefit from eating nutritionally optimised products.

Decades of dedicated R&D means that all processing, packaging and bottling machinery and systems at our growing plant is tailor built to produce accessible, palatable and nutritionally matchless health food products.

It is our team’s engineering smarts that led to extracting flaxseed oil at a very low temperature in the absence of oxygen and light, to preserve the flax seed’s nutritional quality.

At Waltanna Farms we also pioneered the unique process that produces rolled flaxseed. Customising machinery that can fracture the outer shell while keeping the membrane that holds the nutritionally dense oil intact has been revolutionary in flaxseed production. It has brought the healthful benefits of fantastic flax straight to breakfast tables as a healthful alternative to gluten laden breakfast cereals.

To keep up with growing demand from the market, we have carefully selected Australian growers from Queensland to Tasmania. We also grow and process wheat and oats.

Additionally we supply cold pressed, rolled, packaged and bottled Waltanna Farms products for independently branded distributors.

With the incredible support of visionary partner, Flax Farms Australia, you’ll find our health food products gracing the shelves of Coles’ supermarkets and health food stores.

You’ll find INDEPENDENTLY BRANDED DISTRIBUTORS stocking our products at health food stores right through to pet food suppliers and equestrian training studs.

Waltanna Farms in The Future

Bringing Australian grown flaxseed health benefits to the world

At Waltanna Farms, we’re proud of our standing as Australian grown seed and grain innovators and producers.

We’ll continue to scale up and innovate to meet the growing demand of the health food market – for people and animals.

Our export partners continue to work closely with us to distribute the health benefits in to Asia and the rest of the world.