Australian Flaxseed Processors: Flaxseed Friendly Processing

Within each glossy flaxseed husk is a concentrated cocktail of nutrients that needs to be retained during processing.

Waltanna Farms takes its role as an innovator, grower and processor of health food products seriously. Thoughtful flaxseed processing will deliver optimal nutritional benefits to your plate, and appeal to your palate.

Beneath the flaxseed husk is a gelatinous dose of nutrients enclosed in a fragile membrane. Heat will spoil the precious contents. The outer husk is also high in nutritional value.

We’ve developed methods of processing to ensure we can separate the flaxseed husk carefully from the flaxseed oil casing membrane and extract maximum health food value from each of the flaxseed components. Waltanna has developed cold milled, cold pressed and rolled processes to retain the sought after health benefits of flaxseed.

Our team of engineering production system experts have spent decades customising our processing plants to achieve the best possible flaxseed quality.

Our highly customised machinery and processing systems are Waltanna Farms best kept secrets. Our highly developed Intellectual Property (IP) is why we are leading the way as Australian flaxseed processors.

At our processing plant at Waltanna Farms we extract flaxseed oil using a unique-to-Waltanna cold pressing method. We maintain low temperatures to retain the fresh, nutty, pure and natural flavour and concentrated nutritional value.
After carefully separating out the flaxseed oil through a cold pressed method, we mill the flaxseed husk using a unique-to-Waltanna cold milled method. Milled flaxseed is a fantastically healthful substitute ingredient for recipes needing flour. We maintain low temperatures to retain the fresh flavour and concentrated nutritional value.

In 2014 we partnered with ANNEX Foods in launching Flax Farms Australia Co. This brilliant complementary affiliation has empowered us to continue our passion for innovating in flaxseed processing and product development. For example, we collaborated to produce easy to eat, healthful, crunchy Golden Flax Flakes that retain the high nutritional value of flaxseed.

Our unique rolling process produces the base ingredient of these flakes and other Waltanna Farms flaxseed products. Our unique rolling process maintains low temperatures to retain the distinctive flavour of flaxseed while producing an ingredient with a desirable texture, and high nutritional value. Our Waltanna Farms Pure Golden Rolled Flaxseed is a fantastic ingredient to add to your meals or favourite recipes.

Flaxseed OilTo continue the pioneering spirit of Waltanna Farms we also package and bottle flaxseed products here in Hamilton, Victoria. Our intimate knowledge of the fragile structure of flaxseed naturally led to developing and building a packaging and bottling plant. It simply made sense to us. After all the considered processing from sowing flax seed onwards, we are compelled to ensure each flaxseed product that leaves our farm gates is packaged to ensure maximum shelf life.

Our engineering history has evolved seamlessly into developing whole quality management systems that highlight opportunities for continuous improvement and innovation.

Feedback from our wholesalers and export partners can be directly linked to a batch number that can tell us which paddock the flaxseed was grown in, the date it was sown, the silo it was stored in and the date it was processed.

At Waltanna Farms, our ongoing investment in research and development has given us a consistency in product that is hard to match.

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