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Australian Flaxseed Growers: Flax seed to Harvest

Healthy Soil Grows Healthy Flaxseed

Our commitment to upholding our NASAA Certified Organic accreditation, means the organic range of Waltanna Farms flaxseed product that ends up on your plate is the very best it can be in terms of taste, texture and nutritional value – while being free of any chemical residue. Each flaxseed has cycled through a whole of life quality management system developed for organic, chemical free production.

The life of every Waltanna Farms organic flax seed starts in being sown in healthy chemical free soil. It matures from seed to mature plant nourished in deep loams rich in organic matter. Three years of intensive preparation – and ongoing enrichment – is what it takes to prepare organic soil that is free from chemical residue. Chemical free means no synthetic pesticides, no synthetic fertilisers, and no toxic weed killers.

We’ve dedicated a few of our Waltanna Farms paddocks to sowing and growing Certified Organic flaxseed.

We also harvest distinctively high quality flaxseed from our conventional paddocks. And, we only source flaxseed from fellow Australian growers that demonstrate excellence in producing the consistent quality flaxseed that we’ve built our reputation on.

Genetically unaltered Waltanna Gold flaxseed was specially selected and bred by Waltanna Farms to suit Australian conditions. Golden flaxseed is a more palatable variety than brown flaxseed. Our investment in research and development has produced consistency in the quality of Waltanna Gold flaxseed. Waltanna Farms does not, and will never, sow genetically modified seed.
Waltanna Farms is located in a cooler region of Australia with a low variability of rainfall – perfect conditions for growing flaxseed. Reliable rainfall is a welcome condition for sustainable farming. Located in the foothills of the Grampians in the green triangle, the average rainfall sits between a healthy 600 and 1000 millimetres per year, ideal for optimum flax growth. Source: Bureau of Meteorology > Climate Averages > Rainfall
At Waltanna Farms, our obsession with research and development has resulted in our unique paddock to plate quality management system. Our ever evolving production systems enable us to deliver the consistently superior quality flaxseed products we have built our reputation on. In our Certified Organic paddocks, companion planting, regular crop rotation and sowing seeds consistently close together to deter weed growth are just a few examples of non chemical crop management solutions that we use to deliver nutritionally superior flaxseed to your plate.

Our harvesters have been custom built to thresh the seeds in the kindest possible way, retaining optimal yield and quality of our Waltanna Gold.
Our cropping engineer experts have spent decades researching, building and modifying harvesters; and processing and packaging plants.
These highly customised production systems and custom built machinery are Waltanna Farms best kept secrets. Our commitment to continuous improvement is why we are leading the way in flaxseed growing and processing.

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