100% Australian Flaxseed from Paddock to Plate


Brought to you from Waltanna Farms

We know that the people that buy our products prioritise health and take pride in being well informed about the products they choose to consume.

The research and development we have invested into producing a superior flaxseed product translates into a production process as simple, clean and as pure as our flaxseed products.

Your 100% Australian grown flaxseed is sown, grown, cleaned, cold pressed, bottled or milled, and packaged right here at Waltanna Farms. To learn more about Waltanna Farms paddock to plate production process, click on each of the images below.


From Paddock to PLate The life of every Waltanna Farms organic flax seed starts in being sown in healthy chemical free soil. Read More..


Process Within each glossy flaxseed husk is a concentrated cocktail of nutrients that needs to be retained during processing. Read More..


Plate Our Waltanna Gold flaxseed is a specially selected and bred golden flaxseed available in a range of versatile products that you’ll want to add to your regular shopping list. Read More..
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