Blog post: The many health benefits of Waltanna Flaxseed

Waltanna Farms prides itself on our superior flaxseeds – in taste, texture, shelf life and nutritional quality. Australian grown, our flaxseed is nurtured from seed, to soil, to harvest, right through to bottling and packaging. A result of decades of intensive research and development, we have raised the bar on quality through our custom-built production systems. Flaxseed is a nutritionally dense, mighty oil seed that is robust in health benefits – but very fragile.

The farm’s custom engineered systems, machinery and processes are flaxseed friendly. The reliable rainfall at our custom-built plant at the foothills of the Grampians ensures that the potency of every flaxseed and flaxseed product is retained. Why? To pass that mighty health boost on to you from paddock to plate.

So, what are some of these amazing health benefits we are raving about that your family can benefit from by consuming Waltanna Farms flaxseed products? The list could go on for pages – but we will touch on just a few below.


Anti-Inflammatory properties

Flaxseeds have been grown as a crop for centuries but many of the true health benefits are only recently being researched and understood. Flaxseed is full of Omega-3 – a fatty acid which your body is unable to make from scratch. There is only a small handful of natural sources rich in Omega-3 but flaxseed is one of them. Omega-3 fatty acid can assist with joint swelling, morning stiffness, and pain. By taking flaxseed on a regular basis people have even reported a reduction in symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.


Rich in Dietary Fibre

Flaxseed contains both soluble and insoluble fibres. This fibre power duo will benefit your body by keeping bowel movements regular and improving your digestive health. Soluble fibre increases the consistency of your intestine contents and slows down the digestion rate (this helps regulate blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol). Insoluble fibre allows more water to bind to the stools, increasing their bulk and resulting in softer stools – helping to prevent constipation. Just one tablespoon of flaxseed can dramatically boost your daily intake of fibre.


Rich source of Lignans

Lignans are a phytoestrogen – a plant nutrient that is somewhat similar to the female hormone estrogen. Flaxseeds contain up to 800 times more lignans than any other plant food. Scientists have studied flaxseed lignans for their potential in reducing the risk of breast cancer. Lignans also have the potential to help fight against breast cancer by interfering with the growth and spread of tumour cells. Further studies – which are looking promising – are in progress to help prove the benefit of flaxseed in preventing and assisting to fight other types of cancer.


High quality protein

Flaxseeds are one of the best plant-based sources of protein you can get - fantastic for vegetarians or those cutting back on meat. Protein is most well known for the ability to support muscle and bone strength and recovery - but it also may assist in keeping you feeling fuller for longer, curbing your appetite and reducing sugar cravings.


May aid weight control

Following on from the above, flaxseed may aid weight control. Assisted by the soluble fibre content slowing down digestion in the stomach, alongside the high protein levels, flaxseed can provide a feeling of fullness. Through decreasing those feelings of hunger any associated snacking or overeating is likely to decrease. By adding flaxseeds to your diet you may find that hunger is kept at bay between meals aiding weight control.


Control Blood sugar levels

Type 2 diabetes is a major health problem worldwide. The insoluble fibre content found in flaxseeds has an added benefit – assisting to stabilise blood sugar levels. By adding flaxseeds to their diet countless people with diabetes see an improvement in their blood sugar control within a few weeks.


May lower blood pressure

Even the smallest reduction in blood pressure can instantly lower the risk of dying from a stroke. Flaxseeds have been shown to have the natural ability to lower blood pressure. By eating flaxseed daily you may lower high blood pressure which potentially greatly reduces risks of cardiovascular disease and stroke.


May improve cholesterol

The health benefits just keep coming! The power of flaxseed also has the ability to lower cholesterol levels. These effects appear to be due to the high fibre content in flaxseed – as the fibre binds to bile salts and so is then expelled by the body, to then replenish these bile salts, cholesterol is pulled from your blood into your liver.


Loaded with nutrients

Although the stars of the flaxseed show are generally the high protein, fibre and omega fatty acid content, flaxseeds are also a great source of many other vital vitamins and minerals which may assist in overall health and wellbeing. Some of these include (but are not limited to) Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, folate, calcium, iron and magnesium. You may find your energy levels considerably increase, bone and muscle strength improve and skin conditions clear.

With such a wide variety of health benefits coming from a small but mighty seed, flax is a great starting point when you are looking to boost your diet. At Waltanna Farms we produce flaxseed in a variety of different ways so you can easily add it to your diet.

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