How to buy bulk flaxseed products wholesale

If you’re as excited as we are about the health food opportunities of Waltanna Farms’ flaxseed and would like to buy bulk flax seed, or flaxseed products please contact us.

Buy wholesale flaxseed products to reach your business goals

Organic & Conventional

  Capsule Oil Chemical Free Meal Flour Crumble Rolled Seed
Waltanna Farms Pure Golden Flaxseed Oil        
Waltanna Farms Pure Brown Flaxseed Oil        
Waltanna Farms Pure Brown Flaxseed    
Waltanna Farms Pure Gold Flaxseed    

Animal Grade

Meal Crumble Slurry
Waltanna Farms Pure Gold Flaxseed    
Waltanna Farms Pure Brown Flaxseed    
Waltanna Farms Pure Flaxseed    
Waltanna Farms Pure Flaxseed Oil    

We’re growing alongside our wholesale flaxseed buyers

Our wholesale buyers include quality, health food focused:

  • Bakeries
  • Pharmacies
  • Muesli, porridge and granola suppliers
  • Pet food manufacturers
  • Export / off-shore health food supplier partners
  • Health practitioners
  • Health food retailers
  • Fitness nutrition retailers
  • Personal fitness trainers
  • Nutritionists

We’re scaling up to meet growing demand for Australian grown flaxseed

At Waltanna Farms we’re continually scaling up to meet growing demand. An investment in years of research and development means our production, processing and packaging systems are scaleable and we are committed to meeting growing global demand.

Prefer to try one of our health food products off the shelf first?

Visit our STOCKISTS DIRECTORY to find out which retailers are stocking Waltanna Farms products or to locate your nearest retailer.

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Complete and submit the Waltanna Farm's wholesale enqury form or Phone 61 3 5573 3392.

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