How to buy Waltanna Farms' flaxseed products online

If you’ve done your research and understand why Waltanna Farms flaxseed products are an excellent investment in your and your family’s health, you can have our products delivered from our farm gate right to your door.

To place your order online, go to WALTANNA FARMS’ VIRTUAL FARM GATE, our online store.

Our ONLINE STORE is for consumers that manage their household’s weekly grocery shop and meal planning.


Learn more about Waltanna Farms flaxseed

If you’ve just begun to discover the incredible health benefits of flaxseed, we encourage you to explore the following pages on our website:

THE HEALTH BENEFITS OF FLAXSEED: find out why flaxseed is good for your heart, mind and cellular health, including healthy skin.

ABOUT WALTANNA FARMS: find out why Waltanna Farms flaxseed friendly approach is leading the way globally in the nutritional quality of our flaxseed products.

PADDOCK TO PLATE: how our custom engineered process from seed to packaging delivers optimal nutritional quality to your plate.


Prefer to buy your health food products off the shelf?

Visit our STOCKISTS DIRECTORY to locate your nearest retailer

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