Our business thrives on extended family – a talented team of cropping and production experts

We’re dedicated to preserving the determined Nagorcka family character of always keeping a few steps in front of the future. This incredible property and collaborative expertise has sustained five generations of our extended Waltanna family so far – our Waltanna team here at the property, our partners and our customers.

We’re determined to respect what global research, local council shire support, hard work and ideal farming conditions has returned to us. We’ll do this by continuing to innovate and scale up to meet the growing demand for superior Australian sown, grown, processed and packaged flaxseed.

We want our ongoing collaborations and investment in healthful products to make a marked difference to others lives in Australia, and across the world. We want others to reap the incredible health benefits of Waltanna Farms products.

Working with the Waltanna Farms team

Working with the Waltanna Farms teams is a career experience that will set you up for whatever your future holds. We take flaxseed production and processing seriously and offer Gold, Silver and Bronze accreditations recognised in the grain and seed industry.

We take great pride in knowing that all of our team members reach a depth of understanding where they can visibly identify the difference between a quality yield, and a questionable product.

Combined with our ongoing commitment to Research and Development in Australian grown flaxseed, our team’s thirst for knowledge and inquiring culture contributes to the consistently superior quality of the products that leave our farm gate every day.

Mike Nagorcka

Bronnie Nagorcka

Bronnie Nagorcka


Greg Moon

Business Manager
John Davis

John Davis

Farm Manager

Jarrod Pearce

Shed Supervisor

Josh Douglass


Murray Rogers

Senior Trade

Ricky Gross


Lachie Davis


Steven Taylor


Jai Durbidge


Tim Mirtschin

Gardener / Production/ Farm

Cathy Norris


Kath Mirtschin


Rebecca Watt

Administrative Assistant

James Nagorcka

R & D / Consulting
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