Organic Wheat

Australian Grown, Chemical Free Flaxseed

We’re leading the way in putting organic flaxseed onto plates to grow healthy futures.

We care about the health and wellness of our future generations, and the sustainability of farming for the future.
Putting Waltanna Farms produce on loved ones plates is a thoughtful investment in good health.

The Certified Organic Waltanna Gold flaxseed product ranges are:

  • NASAA Certified Organic
  • Grown in healthy soil free of chemicals found in pesticides, weed killers or artificial fertilisers
  • Cold pressed (flaxseed oil)
  • Processed at low temperatures preserving nutritional benefits
  • Genetically unaltered
  • Grown thoughtfully for sustainable agriculture into the future.

What does NASAA Certified Organic mean to you?

The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia Limited (NASAA) is one of a number of organisations accredited by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources under the National Standard for Organic and Bio-Dynamic Produce.

Aligning Waltanna with excellence in sustainable and organic agricultural practices is a priority for us. NASAA was the first organic certifier in Australia founded in the 1980s and is an international association of organic operators.

NASAA aims to uphold ethical and practical interpretations of organic standards that balance the welfare of both the producer (that’s us) and the consumer (that’s you) of organic products.

For you, this means that the integrity of what is Certified Organic is consistently being advocated so that you can feel confident that what you are consuming is chemical free. That means you know that our products on your plate have been produced and processed to keep you and your cherished ones, safe and healthy.

If you are a wholesaler or retailer of health food products for people or animals, our certification is your assurance that you are stocking superior organic shopping cart items. In the case of Waltanna Certified Organic products, that also means Australian grown and processed.

What does NASAA Certified Organic mean for us at Waltanna Farms?

Certification is a whole quality management system developed for organic production, from healthy soil through to organic production. Gaining initial certification is a cost and labour intensive three year process, closely scrutinised by NASAA. Maintaining certification is also an ongoing commitment.

Dedicating ourselves to the arduous demands of converting to organic farming, some of our paddocks at Waltanna Farms became certifiably organic in 1998, well before the market demand for organic produce grew.

“It is time and money but as you know - a lot of inputs, a lot of rewards. Looking after soil health equals good yields. I'm a firm believer of high inputs for high yields.”
– Michael Nagorcka talking to Landline reporter, Chris Clark.
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